Your Strong Points For Home Based Business

Your Strong Points For Home Based Business

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 One question asked frequently is, 
“How do I determine what area I should start a home based business in?”
Here is a quick formula to help you find an area where you are best suited.
YOUR LIFE IN FIVE-YEAR INTERVALS to create your game plan
                                                     Game Plan Table

Fill out the Success Chart. The results will provide information regarding your marketable skills.
Your Strong Points For Home Based Business

Your Strong Points For Home Based Business

1. List each success or accomplishment in the second column.

2. Enter the year(s) in that they took place in the first column.
3. Place the skills or experiences gained from the successes and accomplishments in the third column.
Note: Take the time to carefully consider the satisfactions and rewards obtained by each experience. These should also be listed in the third column.
4. It is a good idea to consider negative experiences.
Example: You hated selling Girl Scout cookies. You should ask yourself if this typifies your attitude toward selling, and if so, you might want to stay out of this field. Place these negative experiences in the fourth column.

When you have determined the type of small home based business that is suited to you, ask yourself each of the questions Which Best Describes Me be very thorough in your answers.
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