Top 5 Pet Sitting Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Every pet sitting business requires an effective marketing strategy that drives your business.

You start to see long term success, generate steady profits, and see your business doing great even during economic slowdowns.

Without fuel, you’ll likely Top 5 Pet Sitting Mistakes You Should Avoidstand still and watch other progress and take all your traffic (potential customers).

Effective marketing strategy differs from business to business and the target market. However, in order to stay ahead of your competition, there are few mistakes you can avoid.


Here are top 5 pet sitting marketing mistakes you can avoid:

#1: Not Listing Your Website with Major Search Engines.

Do you know that 80% of Internet users use search engines to find your business and learn more about you before purchasing from you?

But you say, “We do not have online business!”

It doesn’t matter if you do not have an online business. You still need to list your business with the search engine.

In addition to having a brick and mortar store and online stores, you also benefit from having an online presence too.

Submit your website to the top 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

You may also benefit from listing with local search engines.

Local search engines may have a local division allowing searches to find by city, state, and related keywords. For example, “Pet Sitting, Oregon, Pet Sitting Business.”

If you notice links coming back to your pet sitting business, chances are your website is already listed with the search engines. If you’re not, submit your website to all major search engines.

#2: Not Finding a Niche

Niche is a specific part of a broader industry. Niche marketing is having a market within a broader market. For example, you can specialize in a “organic pet sitting” niche rather than the broader “pet sitting market.” Narrowing down your niche gives you the potential to become an industry expert. Likewise, it also reduces your competition and gives you a unique selling point (USP). In short, Niche Marketing makes your life much easier.

#3: Not using an opt-in list

An opt-in list is a list of your prospects who have shown their interest in your pet sitting business. It is a list of email addresses. You use these email address to send information (promotional messages) to your potential and current customers.

E-mail marketing is one of the best way to market your pet sitting business because it immediate and inexpensive.

How does it work? Well, if you stay fresh in the mind of your consumers, they’re more likely notice and purchase from you.

Sending out e-mail to your prospects doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process though. You can send a weekly or monthly newsletter to get started.

So get those email list and start using it.

#4: Not Having a Marketing Strategy

Many businesses do not have a marketing plan that is KEY to drive their business forward. Even if they do, they do the exact same thing over and over again and end up with negative cash flow. That’s not what you want.

Planning takes pressure off you by running your pet sitting business smoothly. And the best part is that you can always change your plan. Nothing is set to stone.

So if you have no marketing plan for your pet sitting business, sit down and write down a year’s worth of ideas and strategies on a piece of paper that you can communicate with your prospects and customers.

From each idea, create a plan. Now you have a marketing strategy for all your ideas – not that very difficult, was it?

5. Not knowing who your customer is

Do you have a clear idea who you are selling and why would they care about your product? If not, then you need to get serious and figure out your customers. Without knowing your customers, you are NEVER going to sell your pet sitting business.

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  1. June 24, 2014 at 9:33 pm #

    Debbie, what a great article! Even though I know about Google and Yahoo, I have not gone any further for my marketing efforts. There is so much useful information here. Thank You!

    Posted by Kelly Hall

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