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Pet Sitting Insurance:

Knowledge is power

Understanding Pet Sitting Insurance and bonding terms and coverage

Pet Sitting Insurance Comparison Chart

Pet Insurance Companies:


FYI: Mourer-Foster, Inc. policy did not cover Independent Contractors as of 2012.  The policy I read did NOT state that Independent Contractors are covered in the policy even though their office representative stated it did.. 

I have heard about claims that have been denied by insurance companies selling policies they say cover Independent Contractors even though the policy did not state so.   It is your responsibility to understand your policy. 

1/21/2014_ Mourer Foster ~ say, they are no longer going to be renewing pet sitters insurance or signing anyone new up. CNA ~ the main company has been hit HARD with dog bite claims in the last few months   and therefore they dropped pet sitting insurance.  hey are shopping around for a new company to work with.

2/20/2014 Mourer Foster will be offering insurance again!

6/16/2014 Mouer Foster’s new underwriter is Hartford.  If you use IC’s I find the language ambiguous.

Sometimes you get what you pay for…….

Pet First Aid:

Build a one on one with a local veterinarians office.  My veterinarian offered free Pet First Aid instructions for everyone with House Calls Pet Sitting. This was a wonderful way to learn.  I volunteered my services at my local veterinarians office when I started my company too.

The Red Cross offers guides with DVD:

Pet First Aid Classes:

There are many companies offering pet first aid classes today.  Type “Pet First Aid Classes” in your search bar. (Google, Bing, Yahoo ….)  In my area many of the rescue organizations are offering classes at very reasonable fees and you know your money is going to a good cause at the same time!

Pet First Aid Kit Contents:

Here is your list of contents needed to create your own: Pet First Aid kit Items.

Disaster Preparedness for Pets:

This is not about going to veterinary hospitals for pet emergencies.  This is the pets owners plan for you as the pet sitter to be prepared for a natural disaster.  Do you know where your customers pets kit is at?  Pet Disaster Preparedness

Pet Directives:

Do the pets you care for have Pet Directives?

Pet Owner Advance Directives

Start Up Help Business:

Book: How to Start and Run a Pet Sitting Business!




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