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With over thirty years in the Pet Sitting business,  we know the Pet Industry.
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Our one for all and all for one line up!
            Utilizing our growing network of over 120 Pet websites plus their social media connections, we want to share what we know in three ways.   Just click on any of the links below to get the details to start networking. 
A ) Pet Industry Connections:
On line directory and promotions create fresh links that are important because they let your audience know that your site is still popular and Google friendly.
1) Pet Sitter Locator: Join our Network directory for Pet-related businesses and Pet lovers who are looking for Pet Sitters. Get Connected.
2) Pet Business Locator:  Join Network  directory for Pet Sitters and Pet lovers who are looking for Pet-related businesses.
3 )Promotions:   Add a Current deals, specials and promotions from our network of Pet-related businesses and professional Pet Sitters.
B ) Pet Related Content
Keeping your website fresh is a key factor in attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Three reasons why you need to change online content regularly? I. To help the search engines find you. II. To show your customers that your company is busy. III. To attract inbound links to your website

1)  101Pets Blog: Publishes blog articles submitted by our network.  Submit your blog contents share and incorporate our  blogs. News pieces are the ultimate aim for fresh content because Google reveres news websites higher than others. Make Google and Yahoo see that your site is an active site and full of worthwhile news.

Submit your current blog post url for sharing.

C ) Pet Sitter Business Services and Products:

1) The Book: Informative information on how to start and run a successful pet sitting  business from home. Get the book to build a strong foundation for your business!

2) Careers: Turn your love of pets into a career. Three options here: Work for a pet sitting company, Operate Your Individually Owned & Operated House Calls Pet Sitting & Home Care Office, Start your own pet sitting company.

3) Pet Sitter Business Management Software: Hate paperwork?  On the go information using Microsoft Office 365! Coming soon….


Working togetherKeep your website fresh for online success!
Google can quite easily ignore any website which it thinks is not doing a worthwhile job of keeping it’s website up to date and fresh. Google does not like old news and old links as much as it likes new news and links.
Join Our Network and get your A,B,C’s going.


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November 1, 2013

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