Independent Contractors and Your Home Based Business

Usung Independent Contractors and the Pet Sitting business

Growing in Knowledge

 Independent Contractors and Your Home Based Business

 This chapter was conceived after a long, arduous and expensive battle that I, the owner of a pet-sitting service in California, was forced to endure in order to legitimize my company’s independent contractor relationships. I disproved the adage that you can’t fight City Hall. On the contrary, I took on the state taxing authorities in a litigation that resulted in (to my knowledge) the first and only decision by an Administrative Law Judge in favor of a pet-sitting agency on this issue.
My odyssey against the State of California stands as an example of the many reasons why pet-sitting agencies that utilize independent contractors, need to ensure that they truly understand the legal and practical effect of such relationships. As a result of my experience and knowledge, I decided to publish this guide designed solely for the pet-sitting industry.
The guide is intended to provide pet-sitting agencies with a road map to successfully utilize independent contractors in their businesses. Upon reading it, the business owner should have a practical idea of how to create, implement, and perhaps most importantly, defend their independent contractor relationship.
Good to know information for any form of home based business wanting to or using IC’s.
• Independent contractors
• Benefits and risks of hiring independent contractors
• Determining whether workers are independent contractors or employees
• Steps to take before hiring an independent contractor
• Proper procedures to follow in forming an independent contractor relationship
• Paperwork necessary to hire an independent contractor
• Independent contractor agreement
• Common law factors used to determine workers’ classification
• How to meet the twenty common law factors determining
• Worker’s classification
• Additional items used in determining workers’ classification
• Independent contractor reporting (Federal & State)
• Paying independent contractors
• Sample one-week tally sheet for the independent contractor to use to bill the Agency.
• Dos and Don’ts of using independent contractors
• Debbie’s story (case overview, lessons learned…)
• Worksheet: Self-Audit Your Independent contractor Relationships
Many home based business owners think that they can properly maintain independent contractor relationships, simply by having a written agreement that designates workers as independent contractors. Smarter business owners know……………………
To learn more read:  Chapter 2 Proper procedures to follow in forming an independent contractor relationship.
* Be Sure to stay informed.  New Regulations are added to the business industries at alarming rates!

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