How I started my Home Based Business

How I started my home based business

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How I started my Home Based Business

I grew up in a home where animals were always present. One of my earlier memories is that of holding a cracker in one hand and the tail of George, my family’s tomcat, in the other. (George was a very patient and trusting fellow.) My cousin Grady’s menagerie included an alligator, gerbils, mice and a lizard, all of which I loved to visit. Also, there were stray cats that made their home near the creek that flowed behind our home. My lively interest in these feral felines cost me a painful series of rabies shots. 
When I outgrew my teddy bear at age 12, I found my best friend; a Cocker Spaniel and Pekingese mix, namedSniffles. When I moved to my first apartment, which did not allow pets, I was so lonely without my friend. Doug, then my fiancé and now my husband, helped relieve my loneliness with some gifts: first there was “Temba”, the gerbil; then “Tweety”, the yellow parakeet; and then “Bruno”, the Pekingese. 
In 1972, I took a trip with some friends and put Bruno in a kennel. He got so depressed that he did not eat for the entire week that I was gone. I vowed I would never again put a pet of mine in a kennel again. Married to Doug, who was in the military, meant a lot of traveling. All too often, airlines would not allow us to take our crew of creatures. Even if they were allowed to come along, the travel was disturbing for them. By 1979, Doug and I had two children, that we took with us on our trips to the Midwest to visit our families and relatives. To care for our pets, we hired the boy next door who had always shown an interest in them. He did a great job giving each animal the attention and food needed. However, I could tell by the muddy paw prints across my floors and carpeting that he was not used to caring for a home. 

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Wrote 101-A: Pet Sitting Business "Work Book To Conquer Success", to help others in the industry, Founder/ CEO of House Calls Pet Sitting and Home Care Services. Established 1981 and still going strong, To relax I do Photography and Painting. View, and Purchase my art at:

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