Dare to be an Entrepreneur of Your Home Based Business

Dare to be an Entrepreneur of Your Home Based Business

• Do you like to make your own decisions?

Dare to be an Entrepreneur


• Do you enjoy being challenged and do you thrive on competition?
• Are you outgoing by nature?
• Can you put yourself in the other person’s shoes?
• Are you honest and ethical?
• Do you have will power and self-discipline?
• Do you get things done on time and plan ahead?

• Do you want to have a home based business?
If you said yes to all of the above and you are willing to work hard and long hours (12 to 16 hours a day, probably 6 days a week, and possibly on holidays), you may be a prime candidate to start your own successful business. The secret ingredient in the formula for a successful small business is your desire to be an obsessed owner, one willing to put in the time and energy needed to get the job done and finish the day, still full of enthusiasm.
It is likely that running your own business will be harder than working at a regular job. Studies have demonstrated that most entrepreneurs are not primarily motivated by the desire to make money. Their satisfactions lie more in the areas of independence, power over the future, and the pleasure of accomplishing all goals.
Whether a business succeeds or fails frequently depends on having a steady cash flow. A smart entrepreneur is very conservative and reserves every bit of cash that’s available for those dry periods. Giving into the temptation to expand too quickly or show off your sudden profits can and will lead to failure!
Reality of Ownership
Owning your own home based business while has personal, professional and financial benefits. Let us compare the advantages to the disadvantages of starting your own business.
• You are your own boss with no one to report to but yourself. You are responsible for the success.
• You can work at your own speed.
• Your schedule will be flexible. You can structure your work hours to coincide with your home life and its responsibilities.
• You reap the profits from your hard work.
• Your business may provide security or add security for you and your family.
• You will not face forced retirement.
• You are responsible for any failure.
• You may work during all your waking hours. Work is money.
• You will have no paid vacations; in fact you may have no vacation at all for a few years.
• You will have no weekly paycheck or fringe benefits.
• You may have less time to spend with your family.
• If the business fails, your savings and property may be eaten up by debts, leaving nothing for retirement.

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