Why Content is Important for Website Rankings

Key in a search phrase on your favorite search engine and you’ll notice that the first few links which feature the answers to your search query contain the most useful and relevant information about your search. These pages have gained high website rankings and for businesses who aim to make themselves known to the netizens, having a higher website ranking—or being included on the first page of search results means a lot to their online success.

Website Rankings

How Do Website Rankings Affect Your Business?

A lot of businesses nowadays are making use of the Internet to expand their reach to their target market. Since a growing number of people now make use of the Internet to search for products or services they need, businesses as well as information providers are eager to find ways to improve search engine ranking and be known as the best resource for when people enter a set of keywords related to their niche.

Website rankings achieve the following effects for your business when you are trying to make your presence known online:

·         Brand recognition – Say you offer a specific product or service, but you are relatively new in the business. Making your mark online by being one of the top results in search engine queries can make more people remember your name.

·         Being known as the best resource for your niche – When you have high website rankings, your website will be seen by online browsers as the top resource for the information they were looking for. This boosts their trust in what you have to offer and would encourage them to avail of services and products from you.

·         Increased sales – Ultimately, businesses can get increased sales when they are among the first few results of online searches. Online browsers usually stay within the first page of online search results, and for businesses in particular, increased search engine rankings mean getting most of the interested buyers to buy from them.

Tips to Improve Search Engine Ranking

There are different ways on how to improve search engine ranking, but website owners must remember to follow the “rules” which search engines make use of—particularly the algorithms set by Google to weed out “bad” websites or those that use “blackhat SEO (search engine optimization)” to increase their ranking. Here are some tips you should remember to be a trusted website:

·         Do not overuse keywords – Keyword stuffing is a big NO nowadays. Google’s algorithms (Penguin and Panda) are aimed to find websites which stuff keywords just to get high rankings without actually having useful things to offer. Make a search of relevant keywords, and use them, as much as possible, no more than 1% of the total keyword count of all your content. Also, making them sound as normal as possible will be appreciated by readers.

·         Make use of other online resources – Your website is a great place to build your online presence, but remember that you can use other places to draw attention to your website without going against the established SEO rules. You can use blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to redirect your interested clients to your website.

·         Put effort into it – If you have to pay for SEO services from a trusted provider just to get the online attention you deserve, invest in it. This way, you can avoid getting fined by search engines when they detect that your website has “blackhat SEO” strategies which you may have unknowingly committed with the hopes of getting noticed.

Reasons for Adding Fresh Content to Your Website


Fresh content is highly important if you want to improve search engine ranking and be a trusted website. Here’s why:

·         Gaining a following – Netizens develop a fondness when you have fresh content to offer. By making your customers feel that you are exerting efforts on keeping them updated, they will visit your website and check if you have something new for them.

·         Increased traffic – Traffic is a great part—if not everything—when it comes to being able to improve search engine ranking! The more unique hits your website gets, the higher your website ranking will be. Fresh content encourages more visits from different people all over the world!

·         Customer engagement – When you give your page viewers something new, you will be able to pique their interest and prompt reactions from them. Also, they will interact with you more and eagerly wait for your latest content to see what you have to offer.

Tips when adding Content to Your Website

Sounds easy enough, right? There’s more to adding a block of text thank you think! To keep your page viewers and potential customers happy, follow these tips when adding content to your website:

·         Stay relevant – Do not add information which is in no way related to your product or service. This will cause confusion, and basically you will just add clutter to your website when you do this. Focus on what you have to offer and build your website around your business.

·         Keep it readable – Stay pleasing and have readable content. Be informative but have an easy-flowing tone and mood to your articles. As much as possible, have paragraphs that have 3-5 sentences—thick blocks of text can bore readers. Make use of lists and choose the layout and typography of your page as well.

·         Be informative – In line with not stuffing your text with keywords, make sure you are informative and that your content has useful information which would have value for your customers.

·         Update constantly – Make time for updating your content. Allot a specific day for updating posts. Once a week is good, but if you can do it more often, this would be so much better!

·         Enable comments and sharing – Allowing users to comment and share your posts will encourage interaction and increased customer engagement. By letting them share your content, you are also increasing your chances of getting viewed by a wider range of audiences when your content gets shared.

While it may take a lot of effort to improve your search engine ranking, investing time, energy and resources to achieve this will pay off for the overall success of your website!

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