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Top 5 Pet Sitting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top 5 Pet Sitting Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Every pet sitting business requires an effective marketing strategy that drives your business. You start to see long term success, generate steady profits, and see your business doing great even during economic slowdowns. Without fuel, you’ll likely stand still and watch other progress and take all your traffic (potential customers). Effective marketing strategy differs from […]

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Looking our before Choosing Business Name

Ask TESS before choosing business name.

When starting your pet care or pet-related business, you will want to be sure to choose a business name that will identify your company’s products and services.  Naming your business is an important branding exercise, but if you choose to name your business as anything other than your own personal name then you’ll need to […]

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Pet Sitting Insurance:

About Pet Sitting Insurance and Bonding

Prior to opening my pet sitting business in June of 1981 I spent 6 months finding an insurance company to write a policy that passed the review of my attorney and CPA for a new industry.  Over the years I have seen many insurance companies who wrote pet sitter policies come and go.   Finding someone […]

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Dog knowing your numbers

Know Your Numbers

“Running a Professional Pet sitting business one must watch the numbers to stay in business.”  Deborah J Laughlin, Founder of 101Pet Sitting Know your numbers – Pet Sitting as a Business October 21, 2013 By L Capra All pet sitters love animals, well they SHOULD anyway;  but if you are starting a pet sitting business […]

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Personal and business finances

Why its Bad Business Mixing Personal and Business Accounts

Good to know business Tip: Personal and Business Accounts Folks who are planning to open a small business need to know that it involves more than just making sure you market your business. It is a business first and foremost which means money is involved and is at stake. You do not want to get […]

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Simple differences: trademark or servicemark

Trade Mark or Service Mark: Simple differences

Are you contemplating protecting your chosen business name? As a serious owner of a new or old pet sitting company you want to protect your name and hard work. So let’s explore if you should file a Trade Mark or Service Mark. Trade Marks Registering a trademark for your business to protect its name is […]

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Domain Name Basics

Domain Name Basics and Trademarks

Domain Name Basics When starting your pet care or pet-related business, you will want to be sure to have an online presence, especially in today’s media driven world. For online protection of your business, name, and profits, it is a good idea to get a domain name that fits your website. Anyone who wishes to […]

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Deborah J Laughlin Pet Sitter Blog Author

What is an Independent Contractor?

Congratulations your pet sitting company has grown! You in need of time off! You need additional help? Who will represent your high quality of service to your clients? Are you trying to determine classification of workers? Are you thinking you may want to utilize an Independent Contractor? What is an Independent Contractor? Independent contractors are […]

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Business Start Up Checklist - 101 Pet Sitting

Business Team for Pet Sitting

Business Team for Pet Sitting  On  pet sitting businesses owners support each other on line forming a business team. Questions are posted between pet sitting business owners and we each share our knowledge.  Tonight I responded to a question posted about setting up accounts in Quickbooks and business tax deductions. My Response: I use Quickbooks for […]

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