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What is an Independent Contractor?

Congratulations your pet sitting company has grown! You in need of time off! You need additional help? Who will represent your high quality of service to your clients? Are you trying to determine classification of workers? Are you thinking you may want to utilize an Independent Contractor? What is an Independent Contractor? Independent contractors are […]

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Business Start Up Checklist - 101 Pet Sitting

Business Team for Pet Sitting

Business Team for Pet Sitting  On  pet sitting businesses owners support each other on line forming a business team. Questions are posted between pet sitting business owners and we each share our knowledge.  Tonight I responded to a question posted about setting up accounts in Quickbooks and business tax deductions. My Response: I use Quickbooks for […]

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Pet Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Pet Sitter Blog

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Pet Disaster Preparedness This is not about going to veterinary hospitals for pet emergencies.  This is about your pets being prepared for a natural disaster. Did you include your pets needs? Do you let your Pet Sitting Service know where your pets kit is at?   You may have a weeks worth of food for every member of your […]

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Pets Prefer Pet Sitting play time, Pet Sitter Blog

Pets Prefer Pet Sitting

Pets Prefer Pet Sitting  Pet sitting is a substitute to the kennel, with the bonus services offered that go beyond those of a kennel. A skilled pet sitter attends to your pets in the comfort of their home. Your pet sitter will make you feel comfortable knowing someone reliable is taking care of your pet and […]

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101-A: Pet Sitting Business

Business Start Up Checklist – Essential Steps For Business Success

Starting a new business? Business Start Up Checklist – Essential Steps For Business Success Whether you’re looking to start your own business in retail, business services, or any other industries, follow the checklist below to ensure your business is off on a flying start for long term success and profitability. Setting up Your Business!    * […]

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Choosing the legal form of your business

Choosing the Legal Form for your Business

  One of the most important decisions that organizers of a small business enterprise must make is whether to set up the business as a • Sole Proprietorship • Partnership • Corporation. A comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these three major forms of business organization follows:   Start-up Costs Some basic costs such […]

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Cat Sitting, Pet Sitter Blog- business start up list,

Home Based Business Pre StartUp List

Home Based Business Pre StartUp List The following items will give you an idea of the issues you will need to consider, and the steps to take in order to start your own home based business. • Attend Business Startup classes and workshops • Identify market • Check for availability of your chosen company name […]

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Business start up plan- Pet Sitter Blog,

The Home Based Business Plan

 The Home Based Business Plan  Complete your home based business plan before you get too involved in your new business. Many entrepreneurs take business plans too lightly. • A business plan should be a living document that you both use and learn from. • A business plan is a promise to yourself; if you don’t […]

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Your Strong Points For Home Based Business-Pet Sitter Blog

Your Strong Points For Home Based Business

 One question asked frequently is,  “How do I determine what area I should start a home based business in?” Here is a quick formula to help you find an area where you are best suited. YOUR LIFE IN FIVE-YEAR INTERVALS to create your game plan                                                      Game Plan Table Fill out the Success Chart. The […]

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Which Best Describes You? Entrepreneur

Which Best Describes You? (Entrepreneur, Technician or Manger) Entrepreneur • Creative and inventive. • Enjoys taking risks and making decisions. • Typically does not like being in a rut. • Self- starter and a visionary. Technician • Someone who is an expert at a particular task or discipline; engineer, designer, scientist, or salesperson. • Someone […]

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