Business Team for Pet Sitting

Business Team for Pet Sitting

Business Team for Pet Sitting On  pet sitting businesses owners support each other on line forming a business team. Questions are posted between pet sitting business owners and we each share our knowledge.  Tonight I responded to a question posted about setting up accounts in Quickbooks and business tax deductions.

My Response:
I use Quickbooks for my company House Calls Pet Sitting Services and Home Care Services. My CPA set up the accounts for me when Quickbook hit the market.  A few important task I do are: balancing my bank statements, make payments, run reports and export to Turbo tax for business with swift ease.  If you do not have a CPA or accountant you can contact your local SCORE office.  They offer free mentors and services to small businesses by retired business owners.  I am sure they can help you set up your accounts.  

For tax deductions: If you imported all your transactions into Quickbooks than you can import your Quickbook account into Turbotax for business. Here you will be asked many questions that will help you double check deductions that apply to how you run and operate your business. Without knowing what deductions you may have already taken it is hard to know what ones you may have missed or are qualified for. 
House Calls, Incorporated is a S Corporation in the state of California.  Having  my insurance agent, CPA and small business attorney collectively review my contracts, insurance and the type of business I would become was a must for me.  

Communication between all your business associates creates a stronger foundation giving each the tools to have a clear understanding each others advise and duties for your pet sitting business.   

Example I use Independent Contractors and all three played a role in insuring I was following the letter of the law which paid for itself when I was audited 
PS: You can try Quickbooks for 30 days FREE.

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